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Memorial Day Prayer and Meditation Ceremony

Memorial Day Prayer
Memorial Day Prayer

Let’s gather in a prayer service, either indoors or outdoors, to honor those who gave their lives defending freedom.

Memorial Day Prayer [year]

Ceremony Plan

1. Establish an altar or central focal point laid out with candles, flowers or other mementos.

2. To begin, everyone holds hands and the leader recites the prayer:

We show our thankfulness in prayer
This honor you deserve
Giving all for freedom’s call
That we may live without reserve.

3. Allow a minute for silent reflection. This is an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. What are we honoring? What debt of gratitude do we owe to those who gave for our benefit? What can we do to make life better for others?

4. Other participants can come forward with offerings of prayer or tribute.

5. After all offerings, allow a few minutes for silent reflection and meditation. This is a time to think about why we as humans keep repeating the same errors time and time again. How we think we are separate rather than realizing we lead interwoven lives interdependent on each other’s offerings and talents.

6. Finish the ceremony with a prayer for world peace:

Lord, protect us each and everyone
Inspire us to peaceful be
On this planet we call home
For all the world’s our family.

by Susan Kramer

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